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One of the latest reviews was devoted to the virtual reality shooting simulator Gaim, which is quite different in its operating principle from the laser feedback systems with a target environment that we are already familiar with. This was the impetus for a more detailed analysis of the shooting simulator market and the search for the latest training solutions. And now another new product has come into our field of vision, namely the Virtual-shot virtual reality shooting simulator, which requires your firearm and the functionality of a mobile phone to operate.
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Do not rush to be skeptical about such an invention, which turns your smartphone into a full-fledged shooting simulator, because the development team consists exclusively of professional military personnel with many years of combat experience in the past, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, during their service, they trained military personnel, and also personally participated in the process of creating training systems for military and law enforcement officers. From this we can only draw one conclusion: the Virtual-shot simulator is designed to provide real assistance in training in the use of firearms.
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Complete set and operating principle

The mobile shooting system kit includes, in fact, the Virtual-shot application itself, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, and a universal mount that can be installed on the top Picatinny rail of any rifle, an accessory rail under the barrel of a pistol, or an optical sight. After which the smartphone is installed on the mount.
Virtual-shot works on the principle of technology for analyzing the sound created by a weapon at the moment of a shot. It is not difficult to guess that the quality of the microphone of your mobile phone plays a key role in this process. The application, having caught the characteristic sound created by the weapon at the moment of a dry shot, projects it in a virtual target environment on the screen of your smartphone. The target environment has a 360-degree view, which is achieved by the application using data received from motion sensors and changing the orientation of your smartphone.
Accordingly, for the application to work correctly, you need a mobile phone no older than 2019. It is likely that the higher quality smartphone you use, the more accurate the Virtual-shot mobile shooting system will be.


The application software has a large number of training and game scenes: from exterminating zombies to realistic IPSC training at the training ground. To be more precise, there are more than 100 scenarios. In this matter, the Virtual-shot mobile application is similar to the functionality of the software of our virtual shooting range. The developers paid the greatest attention to realism, having worked on the ballistic component of the application as much as possible, without forgetting about parameters such as weather conditions. In addition, the application allows for in-depth analysis of executed shots. Virtual-shot definitely deserves attention and consideration as a training tool in the process of shooting training.
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