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This review will be slightly different from others on our blog, but we must keep up with the times. The fact is that for the first time the review will be devoted to a shooting simulator in virtual reality. We're talking about Gaim's hunting and shooting simulator, which offers the shooter safe, realistic training before using a firearm in the real world.
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It is important to know

Before we start looking at Gaim's range of simulators, there are a few things we need to clarify. To conduct shooting training, you need a set of VR headsets, which the developer offers to purchase separately on Amazon or another similar platform. Gaim, in particular, favors the Meta Quest 2 headset.


Let's take a look at the first type of Gaim shooting simulator for hunting. In addition to your existing VR headset, the kit includes a wooden rifle stock. The stock itself is equipped with a mount for a Meta Quest hand controller, as well as a comfortable buttstock. The stock's wooden stock also features a unique trigger, a removable trigger designed for realistic trigger action that integrates via Bluetooth. The driving force behind the simulator is software that allows the shooter to immerse himself in the virtual world of hunting with a 360° viewing angle. The Gaim developers paid great attention to correct ballistics, the anatomy of different animal species, and the ability to conduct an in-depth analysis of each hit.
The company's next completed product is Gaim for sports shooting, in particular, training in pistol disciplines. The kit includes a Gaim training pistol, which, like the wooden stock, is equipped with a mount for a VR headset hand controller, and accordingly, is also equipped with an installable trigger. The trigger can be used from the Gaim hunting kit, which is very convenient. The software in this kit allows you to simulate a virtual range and the required target environment. This simulator package is similar to the Pro target constructor software, only in the case of Gaim the training takes place in gaming virtual reality. The company is also actively developing kits and software for professional training of military personnel and law enforcement officers, the potential of which is similar to that of the Pro tactical constructor. The developer focuses on creating a diverse library of scenarios for professional training. Gaim has already presented this kit in a demo version.


In conclusion, I would like to note that such simulators can be useful for shooters who already have a virtual reality headset. They can complement their training process at home to maintain and increase their shooting skills, and in general can be a good alternative to regular video games.
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