Concealed carry
in the United States

Almost every owner of a firearm sooner or later thinks about carrying it concealed. Concealed carrying is a form of keeping a weapon on oneself in order to hide this fact from prying eyes. In simple terms, when you are in a public place, others should not understand that you have a weapon with you. Let us remember that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution gives every citizen the right to lawfully keep and bear firearms, and concealed carry is the best basis for self-defense. This is a very complex topic, because... in the analysis of this issue, more than one law has something in common, especially taking into account the fact that each state regulates its own regulations on weapons and has its own jurisdiction.

Legal grounds

Over the past centuries, various states have repeatedly changed their stance on legislation on CCW. The fact is that there are differences in state concealed carry laws. On the one hand, unlimited jurisdiction or, as it is also called, «constitutional carry» i.e. allowing nearly all law-abiding adult citizens of the United States to carry loaded firearms without permission, subject to only rare private restrictions and exceptions. This jurisdiction includes states such as Alabama, Arizona, Florida and many others. On the other hand, jurisdictions that require a permit to carry a concealed firearm.
constitutional carry states
It is based on the fact that the rights of a citizen that the Second Amendment to the Constitution gives him are not violated; it is simply necessary to meet some criteria, such as checking the details of the potential owner or undergoing special training. Similar rules for obtaining a permit to carry firearms are established in California, Louisiana, New York and other states.


You must understand that, regardless of jurisdiction, there are some restrictions for violation of which liability is provided. Restrictions may apply to both the weapon itself, i.e. to a certain type, caliber, and to a person, for example, in a state of intoxication, including those caused by the use of medications. There are also a number of places that have restrictions on carrying concealed firearms, such as federal courthouses, post offices, police stations and other federal and state government facilities.
urban concealed carry
In addition, restrictions apply on educational premises that are subject to the provisions of the Gun-Free School Zones Act. The ban also applies to churches, mosques and other religious premises. A complete list of such places can be found on the official website of the government of the particular state you are interested in.

CCW courses

Understanding that weapons can be purchased by a person who does not even have a basic understanding of them and does not know how to properly handle them, some states require special training, as we discussed above when discussing the issue of jurisdictions. Training is not general and is regulated by each state individually. Studying usually does not take a long time. The candidate studies the necessary terminology, the legislative framework, including general provisions related to weapons, and deeply understands the issue of liability. The student also acquires the necessary skills in handling weapons. The candidate becomes familiar with recommended concealed carry guns, such as Ruger concealed carry handguns. Gets a basic understanding of special holsters that allow you to completely hide a weapon, excluding the moment of highlighting its contours on clothing. A good example of Alien Gear concealed carry gear.

Shooting simulators

In addition, there is a practical part related to live shooting. Some programs provide not only live firing at an equipped range, but also initial skills training in the classroom using a shooting simulator or virtual shooting range. The full cycle of the training process of familiarizing yourself with weapons and practicing their practical use is carried out using our unique programs, such as Pro Target Constructor or Pro Tactical Constructor, as well as iShooter. There is good news for people who have completed the training. There is a reciprocity provision that allows a person to receive training in one state for credit in another, but not all states have a formal reciprocity agreement.
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