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Next in line is Laser Ammo, which has been bringing to the market for many years a variety of high-tech alternatives to improve the process of training in the handling and training of firearms, specializing exclusively in laser shooting. The company's task is to introduce the most advanced technologies into shooting training, making it safe and accessible to everyone.
No wonder the products of this particular company are used in the process of training their employees by police departments and representatives of the armed forces.

The main office of the company is located in Israel, where the actual development of products takes place. Currently, the company has offices in Europe and America, and represents its products almost all over the world. Laser Ammo develops and markets various modifications of its dry fire training products. Let's start the review with what the company actually started with.
home shooting simulator

Laser bullet SureStrike

The first product that the company presented to the audience is the SureStrike laser cartridge. For proper operation, you simply need to place the SureStrike cartridge into the barrel of the weapon. At the time of the shot, the laser cartridge will project a red dot at the point of impact, the visibility of which remains at a distance of up to 15 meters. The SureStrike laser bullet has a stainless metal case, inside which the laser is actually placed, with radiation that is safe for the eyes, as well as a microprocessor. By the way, Laser Ammo offers, if necessary, to purchase special inexpensive adapters that allow you to use the purchased laser cartridge with pistols of different calibers, which reduces the cost of purchasing an additional cartridge.
Such a bullet will be most useful for new owners of firearms, because. at the time of the shot, the gun will not recoil, which will allow the student to focus on the training process.

The company also has in its assortment a large selection of ready-made SureStrike kits, which in addition to the laser cartridge have special targets for laser shooting, a security system (a set of extension tubes and a cap for the barrel), an adapter, various adapters and a convenient carrying case.

Smokeless Range simulator

In addition, the company has in its arsenal already famous shooting simulators, such as the notorious Smokeless Range 2.0. The simulators require a high-sensitivity camera, a projector, a personal computer or laptop, as well as laser weapons or firearms equipped with a laser cartridge to fully operate. The main component of the dry fire simulator are shooting programs that turn the simulator into a full-fledged virtual shooting range. The software allows you to train using both already developed virtual training grounds, and allows you to create your own. The virtual shooting range allows you to train up to 4 shooters at the same time using one set of equipment.
The principle of operation of a laser bullet is described above, but there are additions here. Instead of a target, a dynamic interactive environment is used. At the time of the shot, the camera reads the coordinates of the hit, sending them to the Smokeless Range program, which in turn projects them using a projector on the screen in the form of a hit on a target or the destruction of a virtual enemy.

Compatibility with Our Software

The main principle of operation of Laser Ammo products is associated with laser radiation during a shot simulation, which means that laser cartridges or full-fledged kits from the manufacturer can be used as part of any virtual shooting range, including the SHOOTING-SOFT virtual shooting range software.
SHOOTING-SOFT has a large set of entertaining game plots, as well as training programs designed for professional training of shooters, such as Pro target constructor, which allows you to project your own shooting ranges, with the ability to set any parameters: from weather conditions to the behavior of virtual opponents.
We have developed a large number of software for shooting simulators. You can get acquainted with all products in the catalog.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire. For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA practical shooting.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire using artificial Intelligence of characters (3D models of human avatars). For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services.
21 different pre-installed shooting exercises and historical campaigns from Second World War for children and adults.
12 different pre-installed shooting games and exercises for children and adults.
24 different pre-installed hunting shooting exercises with 8 species of animals.
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