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The golf industry brings a fabulous income to the budget of the United States of America, and the number of players in the United States exceeds 25 million people. Hence the need for constant training, as well as reducing their cost, because. membership and attendance at golf clubs is expensive. All this has led to the fact that players are increasingly purchasing golf simulators, which allow them to significantly increase the level of the game without leaving home, conducting full-fledged training in the off-season. But the Americans have another passion, namely weapons.
Few people know that it is very easy to complete a golf simulator to a full-fledged shooting simulator, adding only software and laser weapons, because. you already have the main parts. About everything in order

A little about golf

Who would have thought that the favorite pastime of millionaires has by no means an aristocratic past. According to public information, Scotland is considered to be the birthplace of golf. It all started with the fact that simple shepherds whiled away the daytime by hammering ordinary stones with a cane or staff into small holes in the field, which were often rabbit holes. This is the more common opinion about the origin of the game of golf, although there are disagreements due to the presence of such hobbies among peoples from different parts of the world. Today, the original game has undergone many changes. According to the rules, a player or a team of participants must pass a certain number of holes, while golf courses are equipped with various obstacles, such as uneven or water surfaces. The ball for the game has small dimples on the entire surface to improve aerodynamic properties, which allows you to keep the direction of flight that was originally set upon impact.

Virtual golf simulator

A modern golf simulator is a high-tech computerized system that allows you to practice golf in any room, fully simulating a real game in a virtual environment.
Simulators can be built-in, portable and stand-alone by their installation. Built-in kits are installed on a permanent basis indoors, like built-in appliances in the interior of a house. Portable sets are a portable stage-type design and are often installed directly in the garage, hence the name garage golf. Independent sets are something in between the types of golf simulators described above. Golf trainers come in a variety of configurations. There must be a system unit or a computer with installed software that coordinates the action of constituent elements, such as high-precision cameras that read various indicators.
Some cameras, for example, capture the trajectory of the ball and the exact place it hit, while other cameras, mainly installed on the floor, read the trajectory of the swing, the position of the club and the ball. This becomes possible, among other things, due to the reflective elements installed on the club. By the way, for understanding, swing in golf is the main movement of the body at the moment of hitting the ball. The interactive environment of the golf course is projected onto the screen using a projector. The soft screen itself has a shock-absorbing surface and has a different degree of tension. Additional motion sensors may also be included. All this allows you to conduct a full detailed analysis of the speed of impact, the trajectory of the ball, the position of the body during the impact and much more, allowing you to improve the lagging performance, thereby improving the level of your game.
Shooting simulators from golf simulators
Golf simulators work according to the following principle. At the moment of hitting the ball, the golf simulator system captures a huge number of indicators and transfers all the data to the control program. The program, in turn, processes and fully analyzes the received data and displays the results on the screen.
The same feedback principle is present in the shooting simulator.
At the moment of imitation of a shot from an electronic weapon, a light spot is displayed at the hit point, read by a high-precision camera-detector, which transmits data about everything to the control program, where it is processed, and as a result, projects the result on the screen in the form of hitting an interactive target or an enemy.
It follows from this that a golf simulator to a full-fledged interactive shooting range needs to be completed only with electronic weapons and software, which simply needs to be installed along with the golf simulator software. All this will allow you to have two full-fledged sports simulators and, if necessary, use any of them.
Where can you buy virtual shooting range software to improve your golf simulator?
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