Shooting simulator

Taking into account the high efficiency of shooting training with the dry fire technique, a lot of different simulators appeared in the market. Let's see what their main types are.
Laser cartridges and bullets, which, like the live prototype, must be inserted into the chamber, were one of the first to appear. The principle of operation is as follows: at the moment of each pull of the trigger, the trigger strikes the base of the laser cartridge on a special rubberized button and instead of firing the bullet, a short emission of a laser beam occurs, which allows the shooter to see the exact place of the hit on the target. Laser ammunition comes in different calibers, which allows the shooter to conduct training with a personal weapon. LaserHIT and LaserLyte are among well-known manufacturers of such ammunition.
Manufacturers went a little further and began to produce full-fledged lase training pistols working on the principle of a laser cartridge with the addition of a small package of functions, such as the company SIRT, which in addition to the green laser, projecting a point of impact, added another beam of red color, projecting a point of impact until the trigger is pulled completely, respectively, showing the trajectory of aiming. All the data obtained can be studied using a special software app.
There are also all kinds of laser sights, cartridges, and smart sensors like the MantisX simulator, which collects analytical data related to the trajectory of the barrel at the moment of aiming and firing, transmits them to a special app, and then the program gives practical instructions aimed at improving shooting skills.
MantisX simulator

MantisX simulator - image from the official site

All of the above types of gun simulators allow for training as part of a full-fledged complex with feedback. For correct operation of the complex, besides one of the shooting simulators, the shooter also needs: a projection screen and a projector, to display an interactive target environment; a personal computer, to install the simulator software, as well as a USB laser bullet tracking camera, to read the light spots created by the laser.

In order to diversify the training process and increase the quality of the results obtained, additional shooting exercises programs are necessary.
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