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Along with the well-known company Laser Shot, there is another American manufacturer of training simulators that focuses on the realistic training of law enforcement officers to make the right decisions in any difficult situations, as well as preparing military personnel for their difficult professional activities, and most importantly, to increase the chances of staying alive during armed conflicts. Such serious goals were set by the VirTra company, which dates back to 1993. Judging by the fact that the developments of this company are used in more than 40 countries of the world, we can conclude that they are doing everything right. In this review, we will note only some of the solutions presented by the VirTra developer.
Police Simulator Training


An important point is the fact that in addition to the training laser weapon mockups presented by VirTra, there is an opportunity to train with your service weapon with the addition of a laser recoil kit to it, which is necessary for the safe operation of the shooting simulator. These advantages, in particular, are presented in the V-ST PRO simulator, which is modeled specifically for police officers, allowing you to conduct 6 courses of fire on one screen. The company also presents simulators adapted for 1, 3 or 5 screens to create the maximum immersion effect.
The training process itself on simulators takes place using simulated real-world scenarios into which the student is immersed, with various branching solutions. This allows the learner to be prepared and remain calm in real-life situations outside of the simulator. So for military personnel, solutions are presented, such as training for ambush situations, hostage rescue, the ability to recognize threats and many others. In this case, special importance is given to marksmanship. For the police simulator there are many training scenarios, such as an active shooter, practicing conflict de-escalation, working in conditions of poor visibility, domestic violence and others. In addition, the realism of the training process is achieved by equipping the shooting simulator with the V-THREAT-FIRE device. The device is attached to the trainee's belt and delivers an electrical impulse to simulate enemy return fire, as well as to indicate explosions and similar stressful situations, but does not harm the trainee's health.


Separately, we would like to note the V-Marksmanship tool, which is the central element of the shooting training software. V-Marksmanship allows you to fully simulate a virtual polygon by setting absolutely any number of different targets on it. Also, the tool allows you to simulate any external effects, such as the weather conditions of a virial polygon, including wind speed and direction. The targets in the virtual shooting range can be set to move independently of each other. Manufacturer VirTra claims that in this way the most accurate ballistics is achieved at a distance of up to 2500 meters.

Compatibility with Our Software

Since the action of the simulator works on the principle of laser feedback with the target environment, this equipment is compatible with the products of SHOOTING-SOFT LLC. Our Pro target constructor software has all the above features, in addition, the Pro tactical constructor program allows you to add virtual opponents with artificial intelligence to the training process.
Accordingly, VirTra shooting simulators are compatible with our software. SHOOTING-SOFT has a large selection of training programs designed for full-fledged training of police officers and military personnel. In addition, there are a variety of scenes that simulate real combat operations.
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