Benefits of a virtual shooting range

Essay written by Lukas Mikulenas
Friendly In this day and age, ammo is expensive. Not only is the actual bullet expensive, finding an appropriate time and place such as a gun range is difficult. To the common folk who own a firearm, virtual shooting ranges like those sold by are the most effective in solving this problem.


These virtual shooting ranges do not simply save money, but they save lives. Whether it be through training, accidents, or even the environment, virtual shooting ranges provide a safe place to train one's skill in shooting guns. Virtual ranges allow the user to practice their skills with almost any weapon available without spending any live ammo.

This means that the chance of human error such as accidental discharge, uncontrollable recoil, and improper safety protocols, is prevented because there is no use of ammo. However, this does not diminish the training effectiveness of virtual ranges, as almost any scenario imaginable can be produced. Hostage, nighttime shootings, you name it, and it can be done.


In fact, virtual gun ranges are so effective that even law enforcements use them. During my time at the Youth Police Academy for Union County, I was brought to their headquarters and was introduced to the virtual range. They even let the cadets participate in the training. I remember in my experience with the Virtual Gun range, I faced a situation where a man was charging at me with a bat. The police officers instructed us about verbal commands and when it was appropriate to use force. It was extremely realistic, as it measured my accuracy and showed me where my bullets went after the exercise was over. If police are utilizing this technology and require every officer to train with the virtual gun machine, that means that it is perfect for civilian use as civilians will be as skilled as police officers.

Many lifesaving technologies come from the military and law enforcement; one good example would be a tourniquet. In a field where everything is demanded and expected to perform at strict standards, virtual gun ranges outperform these standards in every way. Allowing civilians to receive the same training as police officers will greatly increase the safety of gun owners and prevent many unnecessary injuries.
Youth Police Academy for Union County


Another benefit of virtual gun ranges is that they save the environment. According to Johanna Aurell of University of Dayton Research Institute, Amara L. Holder, Brian K. Gullet, Jason P. Weeinstein of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Kevin McNesby of the US Army Research Laboratory, the average m16 round (A M16 fires 5.56mm round) produces 464-517 g/kg of CO2. Burning one gallon of gasoline produces 19.64 pounds of C02. 19.62 pounds to grams is approximately 8899.4823 grams. This means that (using 464 g/kg) it takes a maximum of 19.1 rounds and a minimum of (using 517 g/kg) 17.2 rounds fired by an M16 to produce the same emissions as a gallon of gas. Although every round varies as there are different calibers the total amount of CO2 created from shooting guns is immense (and incalculable due to the sheer size).

Theoretically, there are nearly 393-million-gun owners in America, that means that if every gun owner fired 17 rounds from their guns (using 517 g/kg as the standard), 6 billion gallons of gas would be burned. That means that a 2022 Ford F-150 could drive around the earth's equator 21,073,050 times, nearly 21 million times, or going to Neptune 33 times. Keep in mind that Neptune is 2.8251 billion miles away.
I believe that Virtual Shooting Ranges are extremely effective and necessary for every avid shooter to have. Moreover, every gun range should also have this technology. It is extremely cheap, with the lowest price at 213 dollars. 213 dollars to save a life, to train others and yourself, to save the environment, and moreover, to have fun. The possibilities with a virtual shooting range are endless and the sky's the limit.
When I turn 18, I will purchase a gun and I will make sure to train on my Virtual Shooting Range, the question is why don't you have one?
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