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The Strikeman company is gaining more and more popularity in the market of dry fire laser simulators, and accordingly, an increasing number of owners of firearms for personal training are purchasing their system. A pleasant bonus when purchasing will be the opportunity to receive a discount for military personnel, as well as combat veterans.

There is very little information about the manufacturer of the Strikeman dry fire training system on the Internet, including on the company's official website. The only thing that is known for sure is that this is a relatively young company. It is not clear just why such secrecy.
But the motives for the development of this laser bullet shooting simulator are very well understood, and they are already known to us from similar models of competitors. The manufacturer sought to develop a universal dry fire shooting simulator that would allow firearm owners to practice at home without tangible costs for ammunition. This is not surprising, as the cost of ammunition across the United States has skyrocketed due to the increase in sales of firearms in general. This was due to the social conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Citizens of the United States want to feel more secure.
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The dry fire system of this manufacturer is presented in 2 versions: Strikeman and Strikeman Pro. Let us describe the components and features of using the dry fire system in more detail

How does Strikeman work

The official Strikeman smartphone app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. After payment, the manufacturer, along with the rest of the simulator, will send you personal access to the application, depending on the purchased configuration. The kit will also include: one laser cartridge-cartridge of the required caliber, single or two multi-targets (in the Pro package), a tripod for a smartphone, as well as all the necessary mounts for targets. You can only use targets from the manufacturer for training, because they have special points for calibration with the application.

First you need to install your smartphone on a tripod so that the rear camera of the smartphone is directed at the target. Next, you need to insert the laser cartridge directly into the barrel of the weapon. It is necessary to understand a simple point that during shooting practice you need to aim at the target, and not at the screen of your mobile phone. During the shot, the laser cartridge will project a red dot at the point of impact. The laser cartridge resource declared by the manufacturer is more than 30,000 shots. Such a blank shot is safe for your weapon, because. at the moment of the shot, the firing pin hits the soft rubber button on the back of the laser cartridge, protecting the weapon from breakage. It is important to know that such training must be carried out in a room or area protected from sunlight, because. sunlight can make it difficult to recognize the laser. At the moment of firing and reloading the weapon, the laser cartridge is not ejected from the barrel, because. made without edge. Accordingly, after the end of the workout, it must be removed from the barrel with a pencil or something similar.
The red dot of the laser at the point of impact is recorded using the smartphone's camera and saves the result in the application. The Strikeman Pro dry fire system, due to the multi-target, as well as the more advanced potential of the application, allows for joint training, including in competitive mode, with the ability to analyze progress using visual effects in real time.
The Strikeman dry fire system is based on a laser cartridge projecting a red dot at the point of impact, which makes it possible to use it with our Shooting-soft virtual shooting range. Training with programs such as Pro target constructor or Pro tactical constructor will increase the dynamics of the training process by several times, bringing it as close as possible to realistic conditions.
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