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Recent developments around COVID-19, and more precisely the restrictions associated with it, have increased the demand for the purchase of firearms in the United States, as well as interest in inexpensive dry fire training at home.
Continuing to cover the topic of laser target shooting, one cannot pass by the brainchild of the inventor Joe Crouch - the iTarget Pro System.
Like many Americans, Joe Crouch is a firearms owner and, like many others, he was very concerned about the difficulty of conducting regular laser target practice, due to the high cost of ammunition, as well as the inability to regularly visit specialized shooting ranges due to lack of time. In addition, the shooting simulators on the market seemed to him quite expensive.

These factors formed the basis for the invention of their own dry fire shooting simulator, which, in addition to an affordable price, also became as simple as possible to operate, which even an ordinary housewife could handle.
iTarget dry fire

How to use iTarget

For the simulator to work properly, you need to download the official iTarget Phone application to your smartphone. Note that the application is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. After that, install your smartphone on a special handle so that the rear camera of the smartphone fixes the target included in the simulator kit. After that, you need to send the iTarget laser bullet into the barrel of your weapon. The iTarget laser bullet, as we already know from other models of shooting simulators, projects a red dot at the point of impact at the time of the shot. It is important that the iTarget laser bullet is structurally designed so that it does not eject like a spent cartridge case during reloading, which simplifies laser target practice. The installed application will allow you to analyze hits in real time and save the results.
Recently, the manufacturer has expanded the capabilities of its shooting simulator, allowing the shooter to conduct training shooting at several targets located in different directions or even rooms within the coverage area of one WiFi point. The device is called iTarget Cube, due to its external cubic shape. Like the original version of the system, the new generation of devices is still controlled using the official application and allows you to analyze the shots fired.
Like other laser bullet target practice, the iTarget Pro System functions through the use of a laser, which makes it possible to conduct training with our virtual shooting range "Shooting-soft". Once you have mastered the basic weapons exercises, you can diversify your laser bullet target practice with shooting programs such as the Target constructor or more functional programs such as the Pro Target Constructor or Pro Tactical Constructor.
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