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Quite recently, we reviewed a shooting simulator, which is a weapon magazine for cartridges, but instead of cartridges, it contains a patented mechanism that allows you to simulate cocking the trigger without moving the bolt. Its difference from other training systems was that it replaces part of the weapon itself, taking over its function, namely the action of the trigger mechanism. We remembered this for a reason, since next up is the legendary shooting simulator for dry firing, which, as in the case of DryFireMag, replaces one of the components of a firearm. As you probably guessed, we will talk about the CoolFire Trainer training system.
the coolfire trainer
This is the brainchild of a company that has its own production facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been producing its products since 2016. Like many other developers of shooting simulators, the manufacturer had a clear goal when creating it. It was the ability to give any firearms owner safe, effective, and most importantly realistic dry fire training with their weapon.

How it works

Unlike many shooting trainers on the market, getting the CoolFire Trainer up and running will require some effort on your part. First you need to understand what it is. The CoolFire Trainer is a patented recoil mechanism that uses CO2 pressure to move your pistol's slide and produce recoil. The part of the impact mechanism of the simulator responsible for this action is equipped with a plastic tip to protect against wear. The patented CoolFire Trainer barrel replaces the barrel of your pistol (the barrel must be removed first) and is activated by pulling the trigger, turning your personal weapon into a safe and realistic shooting trainer. To date, the manufacturer's kits are compatible with more than 130 models of pistols. A one-time supply of CO2 is enough to fire 10-15 blank shots with full recoil, after which the reservoir located in the barrel must be refilled. For greater convenience, the company offers to purchase a laser adapter, the CO2 filling volume of which allows you to fire about 40 shots before the next refill. The manufacturer allows you to purchase both ready-made kits and individual components. But it should be noted that the high price is the factor that can negatively affect the purchase of this particular shooting simulator.
barrel replacement

Laser addition and compatibility

The CoolFire Trainer's patented barrel can be supplemented with one of the company's lasers. The company allows you to purchase one of the 4 presented laser attachments, including those that, in addition to the laser, increase the volume of the CO2 reservoir, which ultimately affects the increase in the number of shots fired before the next charge. The laser is activated by vibration at the beginning of the recoil cycle, which, by the way, also allows it to be used in conjunction with MantisX simulators. The laser impact point is fully adjustable. The laser comes with 3 reflective targets.
The CoolFire Trainer with laser attachment allows for full use in target feedback systems such as our software. Use the CoolFire Trainer in shooting kits such as Pro Target Constructor or Pro Tactical Constructor, which will allow you not only to feel the recoil at the moment of shooting, but also to enjoy a realistic target environment.
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