Dry Fire

In sports, where an athlete has to repeat the same exercise thousands of times until his or her muscles can perform it automatically. Likewise, in shooting training is necessary to hone gun handling skills to make them nearly perfect. However, it is not always safe and possible to conduct regular training with live ammunition, especially for beginner shooters, because the room or the open area where the shooting takes place must be specially equipped in accordance with all safety technical requirements. In addition, the loud noise of firing and the forceful recoil of the shot do not contribute to the development of accuracy. And importantly, in today's environment, given the high prices of ammunition, it is quite a costly pastime.

What does dry fire mean

All this led to the emergence of safe and uninvested dry fire training techniques. Dry fire technique is a full-fledged imitation of a live fire shot without any ammunition, i.e., after the trigger is pulled, the firing pin strikes the empty chamber. That is why it is very important to make sure that there is no ammunition in the magazine and chamber before starting target practice.

Shooting from electronic weapons

Benefits of dry fire training

First of all, dry fire training can be performed absolutely anywhere, including at home or in the office, thereby training regularly and increasing one's shooting skills.
Secondly, this kind of training refines shooter's movements with a gun to the highest extent, including learning a correct grip, reaching the aiming point, reloading and magazine change.
Thirdly, it is the best way to rid the human body of the habit of psychological expectation of gun recoil and avoidance of loud sounds of firing.
Such training without ammunition does not damage or threaten most models of modern weapons, namely their firing mechanism or other individual components. Nevertheless, there are some weapons, especially those of older design, for which such training may accelerate the wear of the firing mechanism or cause damage to the ammunition box mouth.
That's why a variety of laser ammunition, sights and training pistols like SIRT or LaserLyte, as well as full-featured interactive shooting simulators with a feedback system have emerged, allowing the shooter to add a virtual display of target and target engagement and various practical shooting exercises to the routine dry-fire training process.
Dry fire in virtual shooting range is the embodiment of how technology can shape the future. Of course, the switch from traditional training of real firing of weapons to virtual training with firearms will be a tough transition for some. However, it will benefit those who make the transition as well as newcomers to training with weaponry. On top of this, situations with external factors that could affect live shooting such as an ammo shortage make dry firing a more viable and wise decision.