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It is becoming a good tradition to dedicate reviews to virtual reality shooting simulators, and apparently, this trend will continue. Today I would like to talk about the Ace simulator, which brightly declared itself at the international exhibition of sporting and hunting weapons Shot Show 2024, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The motivation for developing the Ace simulator differs from the usual desire to provide accessible shooting training, and in this case, aims to create the largest virtual reality shooting community in the world. Despite the fact that the developer of the shooting simulator is a gaming company, the product has found the greatest response among professional shooters. Military and law enforcement officers also use this simulator for shooting training, in turn having a discount on its purchase.
Training with Ace simulator

A small nuance

As with the Gaim training systems, the Ace shooting simulator requires a virtual reality headset to operate. The developer points out that its product is compatible exclusively with Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3. At the same time, you can purchase the headset itself on the official Meta website, as well as on platforms such as Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart.

How it works

After purchasing a VR headset, you simply need to purchase an Ace Club membership, which will allow you to receive a PIN code to activate the app. The application itself can be downloaded to any device in the Meta App Lab from the official website. You also receive a free Ace Arctus training pistol, to which you must attach a Meta Quest 2 or 3 controller. The training pistol is made of nylon, because... it is a very wear-resistant and durable material. The Ace Arctus is equipped with a magazine release button, which, when pressed, releases the magazine in the virtual world, and touching the bottom of the handle simulates the installation of a new magazine, which allows you to fully practice tactical reloading of the weapon.
The two-stage trigger is equipped with a special brake, as well as an audible release and release. All this makes your training as realistic as possible. The only negative is the fact that the developer has not yet offered an official holster for his training pistol, which does not allow you to practice drawing the weapon from the holster. But at the same time, the company’s official website states that this issue is currently being studied and will be resolved in the coming months.

Software features

Despite the presence of a large number of game plots, the main focus of the use of the virtual simulator is focused on sports shooting. The software allows you to conduct realistic training on various virtual shooting ranges in all weather conditions. In addition, you can conduct joint online training with your friends. All this can also be done using the shooting exercise constructor Pro target constructor, which allows you to recreate on the screen the target environment of any training ground or shooting range. Our company also has a wide range of programs for conducting effective training for military and law enforcement officers, such as Pro tactical constructor. The main thing is to train regularly, improve yourself and not stop there.
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