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Let us tell you about another manufacturer of firearms training simulators, which could not have escaped our attention, namely the G-sight company and their unique ELMS system, consisting of a cartridge with laser training cartridge and G-Sight Laser Training Pro mobile app.

The company provided every firearms owner with the opportunity to have laser training practice without interruption, which allowed them to save time and increase their shooting skills without visiting specially equipped shooting ranges.

The main part of the G-sight dry fire training simulator is the ELMS laser training cartridge, which can withstand up to one thousand strikes before being replaced.

How to use G-sight cartridge

The layout of the shooting simulator is easy to use and familiar to us. The laser training cartridge is simply inserted into the chamber of the firearm and at the moment of pulling the trigger, the laser cartridge projects a bright red flash at the point of impact. It is worth noting that the manufacturer suggests using purchased wall targets like Men in Black Groom Lake Edition as targets, but normal printed paper targets are also allowed.

When the laser is projected on the target, the G-Sight Laser Training Pro app installed on your smartphone records the exact coordinates of the hit and displays them on the screen. Analysis of hits will help you to improve your shooting skills.
LaserHit Trainer Kit
In view of the above, we are positive about the G-sight shooting simulator, namely the possibility of using a laser training cartridge with your own weapon, the use of your own targets, as well as the installation of a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Compatibility with Our Software

As with other dry fire simulators such as LaserHit or LaserLyte, the principle of operation of this set is directly related to the use of the laser and therefore fully compatible with our Shooting-soft software for laser shooting ranges. That is perfect for training with the Target constructor shooting programs or more advanced programs such as Pro Target Constructor or Pro Tactical constructor.
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