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Anti-Terrorism Training

Training a member of the armed forces to properly respond and make decisions in cases related to terrorist threats and attacks.
With the continually evolving world, the nature of warfare and conflict has also evolved immensely in the past few decades. These days, the biggest threats that most militaries have to deal with aren't conventional conflicts against other nations; they are insurgencies and terror attacks from non-state actors and rogue terrorist organizations. These terrorist organizations are often used as a weapon by rogue states as well, who may fund certain terrorist groups to destabilize governments.
This new form of conflict calls for new methods of fighting. Militaries need to employ new and advanced tactics to gather intelligence about such threats and prevent them before they happen. However, that is easier said than done. Terrorists can be anywhere, they don't wear a uniform, or fight under a banner. These non-state actors usually don't have any loyalties to any nation and are blinded by their fanatical beliefs, which is why they would go to any lengths to blend into a normal society until they can find their chance to attack.

Therefore, military forces also need to train how to control and contain such threats to minimize the damage and eventually eliminate the threat. Stopping such terror attacks requires a joint response from differnt military branches and a lot of cooperation and coordination.

Virtual Training Solutions

Though the military does have certain training regimes to hone the specific skills of soldiers that will help them counter a terrorist attack, they don't have a complete training environment, that could help them apply all their skills together in a realistic environment. For instance, soldiers can normally train how to contain a threat, and they can learn how to breach buildings, and eliminate hostile targets in close-quarters combat. However, terrorist attacks, and the operations done to prevent these attacks are usually very dynamic, where the situations can change instantly. In such situations, soldiers need to rely on the intelligence they have and make quick decisions in the field to prevent disasters. This, among many others, is an ability that is very difficult to train in a conventional setting.

Therefore, virtual shooting simulators can be a very effective way for soldiers to train for counter-terrorism missions. These shooting simulators use multiple training simulations that have been designed to be dynamic and respond to the actions of the trainees. With multiple decision trees and artificial Intelligence, combines with hyperrealistic visuals, these simulations create a very realistic combat environment, which gives soldiers a true combat experience, and helps them train a wide range of counter-terrorism skills, such as marksmanship, de-escalation, threat containment, close quarters combat, situational awareness, and many others in a safe, and observable environment.
We have developed a large number of software for shooting simulators. You can get acquainted with all products in the catalog.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire using artificial Intelligence of characters (3D models of human avatars). For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire. For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA practical shooting.
12 different pre-installed shooting games and exercises for children and adults.
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    Compatible with any virtual shooting range from third party manufacturer. Such as: Laser ammo, Laser Shot, iMarksman, etc.

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    Our software is created with the active participation of specialists in military and law enforcements, bodyguards and security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA shooting. The exercises created by shooters and trainers with years of practical experience.

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