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Firearm Simulation Training

Training in the correct handling of weapons, as well as training in shooting at a virtual shooting range.
For any military in the world, basic firearm training is essential. In fact, the Infantry is the main weapon of every military, even in this modern age of weapon technology, and almost every other aspect of the military is designed to support the infantry and ground soldiers in one way or the other.
This is why every military in the world spends thousands of hours, and millions of rounds to help their soldiers become better marksmen, and become proficient with their firearms. Training a soldier to become a better marksman requires a lot of practice, which means that they have to shoot thousands of rounds. This is quite expensive. In fact, according to estimates from the U.S. Army training and doctrine command, training a single soldier in the US army or US marine corps can cost between $11,000 to $40,000.

This is an estimate for training an average foot soldier, who trains marksmanship with their rifle and sidearm. Imagine the cost of training soldiers to use more advanced weapons, like heavy anti-aircraft and anti-material guns, which use more expensive ammo, anti-tank missiles, mortars, and mobile artillery.

So, the ammunition and training costs for even a single soldier can reach thousands of dollars, and when you consider the cost for an entire army, it can sum up to billions of dollars.

Moreover, training with these weapons can be dangerous. As recruits use firearms and other military weapons for the first time, the chances of accidents and unnecessary injuries are also higher. Therefore, militaries worldwide are always searching for new and modern training methods that can help decrease training costs and make training environments safer and more effective.

Virtual Training Solutions

In this regard, shooting simulations for the military can be very helpful. Not only would they allow soldiers to develop their marksmanship skills, but offer them ultra-realistic combat experience as well, by presenting them with dynamic and realistic targets instead of paper and steel plates.

Modern shooting simulations use AI and hyper-realistic graphics to create practical, actionable simulated exercises, which develop a wide range of skills in soldiers. Apart from improving marksmanship, they also help soldiers improve their situational awareness and overall combat effectiveness. The weapons used with these simulators are also designed to have a very authentic feel, and they simulate recoil as well.

So, using firearms training simulators can allow militaries to save a lot of valuable resources required for building training infrastructure, and sourcing training equipment and ammunition. Firearms training simulators offer a wide range of hyper-realistic training scenarios, which follow complex decision trees and respond to the actions of the trainee. They are a much safer training solution and allow for way more intense oversight from military command and training experts.
We have developed a large number of software for shooting simulators. You can get acquainted with all products in the catalog.
Operating system
Works on Windows and Mac OS (Windows emulator)
24/7 full support
Throughout the license period, you receive free support for any questions you may have.
Compatible with any virtual shooting range from third party manufacturer. Such as: Laser ammo, Laser Shot, iMarksman, etc.

Regular free updates
All our software is periodically updated via the Internet. All updates are FREE and you receive updates within the terms of your license. No additional fees or microtransactions. Also add new exercises from the developer's server directly from program interface.
Virtual and bullet
shooting ranges
Can be used for both laser virtual simulators and bullet interactive shooting ranges.
Professional shooters
Our software is created with the active participation of specialists in military and law enforcements, bodyguards and security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA shooting. The exercises created by shooters and trainers with years of practical experience.

Image quality
Full HD / 4K and 5K
resolution support.
Up to 4 shooters
On one screen at the same time.
Detailed statistics and analytics
All results calculates instantly. Detailed analytics of each result and shooter diagnosis.
Is this software compatible with third-party manufacturers?
Our programs are compatible with the vast majority of interactive shooting ranges on the market, for example iMarksman, Laser Ammo, Laser Shot, G-Sight, etc. If you need help setting up compatibility with third-party software from another manufacturer, we will help you or refund.
Can I buy equipment (hardware) for a virtual shooting range on this website?
We do not sell laser weapons, cameras, and other equipment necessary for a virtual shooting range. At you can buy software for any kind of virtual shooting ranges. Our software is compatible with programs from any other manufacturers, for example iMarksman, Laser Ammo, Laser Shot, G-Sight, etc.
What conditions need to be created in order for the virtual shooting range to work as efficiently as possible?
  1. Absence of direct sunlight, as well as reflections from bright (brighter than the projection) light sources (for example, a mirror reflecting lamp light into the camera lens).
  2. The surface on which the projection is placed should not be black / dark (black / dark surfaces absorb the laser beam from the weapon mockup and it becomes not bright enough for correct recognition), it should not be glossy, as the projection itself is reflected from such a surface not evenly.
  3. Programs work correctly under normal room lighting (but without bright direct sunlight and other glare that is brighter than the projection). Also, do not use completely darkened rooms.
  4. The best distance to install the camera is 3-6 meters from the projection. Do not position the camera too far from the work surface.
  5. Observe the projection proportions by setting the "AUTO" mode in the projector aspect ratio settings - the projector will automatically select the scale according to the resolution of the connected device (computer).
Does it have VR / 3D support?
Yes, software are made with VR / 3D surround image support. It is important that the hardware (computer / projector / glasses) are compatible with each other and it could create a 3D image. For example, all equipment runs on NVIDIA 3D VISION
Minimum and optimal computer system requirements
Minimum requirements:
Processor: at least 1.9 GHz Number of cores: at least 4
RAM: at least DDR3
RAM: at least 4 Gb
Operating system Windows 8/8.1/10/11
Video card: built-in video card can be used

Optimal requirements:
Processor: at least 2.3 GHz Number of cores: at least 4
RAM: at least DDR3
RAM: at least 8 Gb
Operating system Windows 8/8.1/10/11
Video card: discrete at least 4 Gb
What is the quality of the image and screen resolution?
Image quality and resolution depend only on the equipment on which the content will be played. The software supports all available screen resolutions, including 5K (5120 × 2880) / 4K (3840 × 2160) / FULL HD (1920 × 1080).

Games can be run both on a computer with a built-in video card and a projector with a resolution of 800x600, and on a computer with discrete video and a 5K / 4K / Full HD projector - accordingly, in the second case, the picture will be significantly better than in the first.
What warranties do you provide for your software?
In case you don't like the product, 100% warranty for an unconditional (without an explanation of reason) refund for three days.
Do you have trial / demo version of your software products
Yes You can apply for a trial version of any of our software. Use this application form or click on the request a trial version button in the site menu and get 3 days trial version. After your request you will get an email from (check spam folder as well)