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Shooting practice
at close ranges

Training in the conditions of a simulated combat conflict, in which the participants conduct mutual active fire (shootout) at close range.
Over the past few decades, warfare and combat have changed quite dramatically. Among many other changes, one of the most prominent ones is that the typical range of engagement has been reduced quite significantly. These days, soldiers need to get up and close, clear congested buildings, and engage in a brutal form of urban combat that is very different from typical military combat.
In recent conflicts, like Afghanistan, the military isn't engaging in a full-blown invasion. In most situations, they are trying to break down terror cells and take out dangerous terrorists hiding in small buildings and compounds that need to be cleared. This is a relatively new form of combat and conventional military training is simply not enough to prepare a soldier to be effective in it.

Close-quarters combat requires a lot of skills. The first is gathering intelligence. Now, this may not fall into the responsibilities of the team or squad engaging the enemy, but it is still very important that they can memorize the intelligence they are provided with. They need to learn the layout of their combat area, and know every step of their engagement plan. This is essential since a mistake from one member of the team can cost everyone their lives and learn of a failure. Therefore, soldiers need to learn how to maintain situational awareness, stick to their plan, and remember their mission intelligence so that they can improvise accordingly.

The second essential skill is maintaining the element of surprise. The idea is to get in, and decisively implement an offensive force to take down the targets and achieve objectives before the enemy can even react. This is why soldiers need to learn about maintaining stealth and approach the point of engagement without alarming the targets.
Identifying hostiles, and shooting moving targets in small spaces is another essential skill for Close Combat. Even the smallest lapse in judgment can cause a soldier to shoot a hostage or innocent bystanders, and the slightest bit of hesitation can result in death. Therefore, soldiers must know how to separate, identify hostiles and engage them decisively while moving through cramped spaces, where their maneuverability may be hindered.

Lastly, even after the shooting ends, soldiers need to be able to maintain control of the situation and carry out their objectives.

All of these skills are difficult to train together, however, modern training simulators can offer a conclusive solutions shooting training at close ranges. They have a wide range of training scenarios, from hostage situations, and protecting high valued individuals to clearing buildings, and taking out hostile targets.

These simulators use artificial intelligence and hyper-realistic simulations that can respond according to the actions of a soldier and offer them dynamic training environments. They allow soldiers to train their shooting skills and situational awareness in a very realistic and safe environment, which allows them to become way more effective at close ranges.
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Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire using artificial Intelligence of characters (3D models of human avatars). For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire. For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA practical shooting.
12 different pre-installed shooting games and exercises for children and adults.
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