Prison Officer Training

Training of employees in the use of military force, judgment skills and lawful influence in places of possession and correctional facilities.
The military has its own justice system, which incorporates courts, and correctional facilities as well. The military police or special security units manage military correctional facilities, which may house active duty members who have been involved in any illegal activity. When deployed in another country, or facing an invading threat at home, the military may also run prisoners of war camps. The military may also run special correctional facilities. The prisons house terrorists, and dangerous terrorists.
Managing a military prison is very different from a civilian prison, especially in the case of active-duty members and POWs. However, there aren't many specific training exercises that can be used to train security units on how to manage a military correctional facility, and maintain control.

Military police units need to know how to de-escalate certain situations, prevent escapes with minimal use of force, and above all maintain discipline while not demeaning the dignity of fellow servicemen and prisoners of war. For instance, military correctional facilities may also house prisoners who have acted violently because of their stress, and PTSD. They may have disrespected or tried to attack a superior officer. In such a case, it is important to keep the soldier suffering from PTSD in a safe environment and protect them from themselves. If they try to escape or break discipline, correctional units can simply use force to control them, and should preferably have other ways to de-escalate the situation.

Similarly, in wartime POW camps, correctional units and other soldiers maintaining prison security need to abide by the laws, and not let their emotions get in the way of treating the POWs fairly.

Virtual Training Solutions

So, maintaining discipline and security in military correctional facilities is quite complex, and when you add the need to search and hunt down escaped prisoners, it becomes even more complicated. Training for all of these multifaceted scenarios can be quite challenging, and where conventional training methods may leave a lot of room for error, modern simulation training can offer a much better training environment.

Modern training simulators have thousands of hyper-realistic scenarios that use branching decision trees and artificial intelligence to respond to the actions of the trainee and create a very effective, realistic, and safe training environment. These training simulations present correctional security personnel with a wide range of problem scenarios, which allows them to polish their de-escalation skills, and teach them how to maintain discipline with minimal use of force. Moreover, they also present scenarios, where the use of force is essential, and teach the trainees how to use their weapons effectively when they need to.

The aim of these simulations is to understand the specific requirements and training preferences of different military units and adapt the training simulations to their needs. Moreover, these simulations offer a much safer, and cost-effective training solution, allowing for more oversight by military trainers and industry experts as well.
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