military solutions

Entry Control Point Training

Training of a member of the armed forces who guards the territory of the facility to prevent unauthorized enemy movements into the territory of the facility.
Setting up defensive checkpoints is an essential part of any military doctrine. Militaries need to defend their bases, airfields, command centers, and several other installments, including embassies in other countries as well. Air force security forces and military police units have to deal with a wide range of different scenarios when they are manning defensive checkpoints, from keeping track of everyone going through the checkpoint to preventing terrorist attacks on the installments they are protecting.

Security and Perimeter Defense

For military air force and naval bases in other countries, where the US is involved in an active military engagement, the duties of the personnel defending these checkpoints can be even more challenging. For instance, military bases in countries like Afghanistan, and Iraq had to be defended using multiple military checkpoints, and the threat of terrorist attacks was a lot more probable.

Manning an Army checkpoint can be quite demanding. Security units need to be situationally aware, and check everyone who enters, or tries to enter their base. They need to identify threats, and if anyone tries to storm through the checkpoint they need to stop them. The barriers on such checkpoints are usually quite minimal because they have to be moved to let authorized people enter the base. Therefore, security personnel need to use their words and minds to investigate potential threats and use their weapons to either deter them or neutralize them.

Training for this specific duty can be difficult because there aren't any training exercises that can offer an authentic checkpoint security experience. However, modern shooting simulators can be quite helpful, since they allow soldiers and military security forces to train in a very realistic, safe, and economical environment.

Virtual Training Solutions

Modern shooting simulators use multiple high-definition screens, with super realistic simulations, that allow for a very immersive training experience. The simulations make use of multiple decision trees, and artificial intelligence to respond to the actions of the trainee, and open multiple opportunities for learning. Military personnel can train their de-escalation skills, and how to communicate with potential threats. This can be especially helpful for soldiers who have to defend military installments in foreign countries since the language barrier can cause a lot of problems for them. Soldiers can learn how to maintain authoritative body language, without spooking a potential threat to safely neutralize the situation.

In case someone does break through the checkpoint these simulations teach them how to respond. They teach them how to relay important communications to further checkpoints instantly, and how to engage these moving targets with their weapons. They can improve their marksman skills, and learn where to shoot the target. For instance, if a car has broken through the barrier, security personnel need to be careful while shooting at it, since it may have an explosive device in it.

These simulations are a great way to train for specific and complex scenarios like military checkpoint defense. Moreover, they also allow experts to analyze every aspect of training and encourage improvement.
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