Shooting Training Solutions

Moose Hunting Training

Moose are large and majestic animals, and taking one down is on every hunter's bucket list.
If you manage to put down a single moose, you can load your freezer up with almost a year's worth of steaks that are equally delicious and nutritious. Moose antlers make for excellent hunting trophies as well. It is not rare for their antlers to grow up to 5 feet wide. A set of moose antlers would look incredible hanging on the wall of your gun room, man cave, or any other part of your home.


However, moose hunting can be quite challenging. Moose usually live in cold areas, where the vegetation is quite dense, and water is easily accessible. Navigating such terrain can be quite a headache, and if that wasn't enough, moose is also difficult to spot.

Moreover, once you have taken the animal down, moving it can be quite a bit of work. Alaska has some of the most popular Moose habitats that are ideal for moose hunting trips. Most hunters target the alaskan yukon moose, which can be as heavy as 1800 pounds, and is the second-largest moose species on the continent.

Hunting moose is not a one-man job, and you need to have experienced people with you, who can help you track the moosel, and properly butcher the meat once it's taken down. Most people hunt moose with guides, and these moose hunting trips can get quite expensive. When you're spending this much money on a hunt, you can't afford to miss and make mistakes therefore, training is essential.

Virtual Training Solutions

Our hunting simulators have simulations designed specifically for moose hunting. These immersive simulations are the perfect way for hunters to prepare for their next expedition into moose country. Our moose simulations offer ultra-realistic visuals, and multiple hunting environments, paired with several useful analytic tools that help hunters track their performance.

One of the best features of our simulator is the shot placement analyzer. The simulations analyze the accuracy of each shot and give the hunters useful pointers to help them improve their shots. Because of its massive size, the vital organs on the Moose can be at slightly different spots than deer or elk. Ideally, you should get a shot from the side, and try to penetrate both lungs or even the heart. The heart of a moose is lower than you might expect. To get the best shot placement, you should trace the nearest front leg to about one-third of the animal's height. Being so large in size, moose isn't easy to bring down, even with proper shot placement, so, our simulators also allow hunters to practice for quick follow-up shots as well.

Moose usually live and feed in areas with dense forestation, and spotting them can be quite challenging, even if they are only 30 or 40 yards away. Our hunting simulators allow hunters to set different starting parameters, allowing them to enhance their detection skills as well.

Our simulator allows you to shoot the moose from different angles, and distances, so that you can practice how to get the best shot, no matter what position to find the moose in. From simple still hunting, to spot and stalk hunting and using waterways, our shooting simulators can help you prepare for all kinds of moose hunting.

From the cold and densely vegetated terrain to challenging shot placement, there are several factors that can make a moose hunt a very difficult but equally rewarding experience. Our hunting simulators allow hunters to train for hunts in very realistic environments and take their marksmanship to the next level. The realistic visuals and analytic tools that our simulators provide can make hunters capable of getting the perfect shot every time.


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24 different pre-installed hunting shooting exercises
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    Works on Windows and Mac OS (Windows emulator)
  • 24/7 full support
    Throughout the license period, you receive free support for any questions you may have.
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    Compatible with any virtual shooting range from third party manufacturer. Such as: Laser ammo, Laser Shot, iMarksman, etc.

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    Our software is created with the active participation of specialists in military and law enforcements, bodyguards and security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA shooting. The exercises created by shooters and trainers with years of practical experience.

  • Image quality
    Full HD / 4K and 5K
    resolution support.
  • Up to 4 shooters
    On one screen at the same time.
  • Detailed statistics and analytics
    All results calculates instantly. Detailed analytics of each result and shooter diagnosis.