Shooting Training Solutions

Hog Hunting

Boar hunting is becoming more and more popular every year, especially in the Southern Gulf States of the US, where the population of wild hogs has reached alarming numbers.
The wild pigs population is especially reaching critical numbers in states like Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, where hunters even use boar hunting helicopters to spot these wild animals and put them down.
Feral hogs breed quickly and are quite aggressive. They aren't a native species, and can be quite destructive to wildlife and crops, therefore, hunting them is quite beneficial for wildlife preservation, and a lot of fun as well.

Most states have minimal regulations when it comes to boar hunting. In some states, hunters can even hunt hogs all year round on private properties. However, wild boar hunting can be dangerous, even for experienced hunters.

Like any other type of hunting, wild boar hunting requires patience, skill, and training. Our boar hunting simulator provides a complete training environment for both amature and professional boar hunters. It offers realistic visuals and multiple analytic features that are ideal for training.

Wild boars are aggressive, and unlike other animals that run away when they feel threatened, a wild boar can charge at you and attack. Therefore, every boar hunter needs to know how to shoot accurately and effectively under pressure. Ideally, you should get a quick and clean kill with one shot, however, if you miss, and the boar continues to fight, you need to take quick follow-up shots to finish the job.

Our shooting simulator provides an excellent virtual training environment for boar hunting. The visuals are very realistic, and you also get access to a wide range of features that can help you improve your hog hunting skills.

Virtual Training Solutions

Our boar hunting simulator gives the shooter a shot-by-shot analysis of their performance. It shows them their shot placement and tells them whether it is good or not. Like any other mammal, boars have multiple anatomical regions that can be considered vital organs. These are the brain, spinal column, heart and lungs, and liver. Placing a shot at any of these regions will result in an almost instant kill.

The first priority should be to hit the nervous system of the hog, which comprises the brain and spinal cord. This results in the fastest kills. The heart and lungs are the next best option, followed by the liver. If the shooter misses these targets the boar can run away and might be difficult to find.

With our boar hunting simulator, hunters can train in multiple scenarios. From hide hunting and shooting stationary game to tracking boars and shooting them while they are moving. It allows hunters to improve their marksmanship, hunting instinct, and accuracy, making them more effective on the field.

So, to put it all together, boar hunting can be dangerous, and proper training can benefit both amatuer and professional hunters. There are many ways to prepare for a wild boar hunt, however, using our virtual hunting simulators is a very safe, effective, and fun way to do it. Our immersive simulator software provides live analytics, which sets it apart from other training methods.


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