Shooting Training Solutions

Deer Hunting Training

Whitetail Deer is the most commonly hunted animal in the US since most states have great deer hunting grounds, and limited hunting restrictions.
From New York, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania down to Kansas and Texas, deer are quite abundant, and hunters like to take full advantage of deer hunting season and get some high-quality venison steaks in the freezer, along with a cool trophy as well.

Hunting Features

However, hunting deer isn't as simple as many may think. Deer have a very strong sense of smell, and if a hunter doesn't make any attempt to hide their scent, a deer may smell them from a quarter-mile away. If the wind is blowing toward the deer, it may carry human scent even further. Therefore, if you are still hunting, you need to hide your scent, and camouflage your blind or tree stand with branches and twigs so that you don't spook away the deer.

Moreover, deer are very fast runners, and if you don't get a vital kill shot on them, perhaps because of bad shot placement, they can run quite a distance before they fall down. This results in many unrecovered deer, and ruined hunting trips.

From masking your scent and tracking the animal, to getting the perfect shot placement, there are several challenges that a hunter has to face.

However, with the right training, anyone can become a master hunter. With our state-of-the-art shooting simulator, you can train for hunting various kinds of birds and land animals. Our deer hunting situations use the highest quality graphics and provide hunters with a realistic training environment. They allow hunters to use realistic deer hunting rifles, and also offer multiple analytic tools that allow hunters to track their performance and make improvements.

Virtual Training Solutions

One of the best features of the simulator is the shot placement analyzer. This tool tracks the shots taken by the hunters and determines if they are ideal for taking down a deer. To put a deer down with one shot, a hunter needs to hit its vital organs, preferably, they should penetrate the heart and lungs, or they can aim for a headshot, straight through the eyes of the deer.

Headshots are usually more difficult, and people who want to make a trophy out of the deer's antlers don't commonly shoot at the head, therefore, the heart, lungs, and liver are the best options. Moreover, headshots can get really messy if you miss them and cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. Still, in our hunting simulator, you can easily practice taking headshots without worrying about misses

Our simulators allow hunters to shoot at the deer from multiple angles. They can practice taking broadside shots, and even take shots when the deer is quartering towards or quartering away from them for a more challenging experience.

Our hunting simulator also allows hunters to start the simulation with varying parameters, which can increase or decrease the difficulty levels for spotting and shooting the deer. It is a complete and immersive training environment that is tailor built for hunters of all kinds. Whether you prefer to hunt from a blind, or a tree stand, our hunting simulations will help you get the perfect shot, allowing you to put down the deer effectively and ethically.

To put it all together, deer hunting is not easy, but with the right training, using our hyper-realistic deer hunting simulations, hunters can take their marksmanship, and other essential hunting skills to the next level.


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