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critical incident
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Practicing judgment skills in real situations to respond appropriately to critical incidents.
Critical incidents are happening everywhere around us, and they can be very difficult to train for. It is very important for police officers and the initial responders to take control of a critical emergency situation and make the right decisions, otherwise, they will always be one step behind unfolding events.

Critical Incident Response

A critical incident or emergency situation isn't an isolated happening, it has a wide array of factors that are changing rapidly. On the other hand, the training that most police officers and law enforcement officials receive is isolated. For instance, when they are training marksmanship, that is all they are training, and when they are learning about de-escalation or use of force appropriation, that is all they are training. In most cases, police officers don't get an integrated training experience that allows them to use all of the skills they have trained and improve their decision-making abilities under extreme stress.

Stress can be very impairing to a person's reasoning skills, and any critical incident brings high levels of stress with it. The only way police officers and first responders can make sure that the stress of a critical situation does not affect their performance, and duty is to have experience in such situations.

The most effective, and practical way of preparing for critical situations, and pressure testing all of your skills in a realistic and safe environment is to use training simulators. Modern training simulators are designed to offer hyper-realistic training scenarios to police officers, first responders, and civilians, which allow them to test their skills, and learn how to use their isolated training regimes in a fully integrated and responsive environment.

Virtual Training Solutions

These immersive and interactive training simulators take crisis intervention training a step further than marksmanship and theoretical classes. They act like a complete human interaction trainer. They come with a vast library of training scenarios with branching decision trees, and various opportunities for students to test their abilities. It allows police officers to experience hundreds of scenarios from a simple domestic call, to a natural disaster site, or violent crime. Moreover, the training scenarios respond to the actions taken by the officers, allowing them to practice their judgment and decision-making abilities in a realistic, complex and stressful environment. These simulations also allow experts and superiors to analyze the responses of police officers and help them improve their skills and rectify their mistakes in a safe and controlled environment before they step onto the streets to protect citizens.

Many police departments all over the US have started using such training simulators, and have reported highly positive results. They are a much more effective, cost-effective, and safer training method, which is the future of Law enforcement training.
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Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire using artificial Intelligence of characters (3D models of human avatars). For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire. For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA practical shooting.
12 different pre-installed shooting games and exercises for children and adults.
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