Police solutions

Crisis intervention
simulation training

Development and training by law enforcement officers of skills to intervene in a situation related to a mental health crisis.
Police officers have to be very dedicated to their duty. Every day, they have to deal with a wide range of incidents ranging from petty misdemeanors to extremely complex domestic and mental health crises. In a police officers' typical training regime, they sharpen their shooting skills and learn how to deal with aggressive threats, however, dealing with complex situations, which involve people with mental health issues and substance dependencies can be quite a challenge.

What is Crisis Intervention Training

Officers need to know what to say, and how to act in these situations. They need to have non-threatening body language and know how to deescalate the situation to make sure that no one involved gets injured. This is why many police departments in the United States, and other countries as well, go through crisis intervention training.

Crisis intervention training is an innovative form of training, which teaches police officers how to efficiently de-escalate situations that involve mentally disturbed people, or those dealing with substance abuse. They aim to teach police officers how to talk to these people and present a helpful and compassionate yet authoritative perception to solve such issues in the best interest of everyone. The goal is to make sure that people suffering from mental health get the help and support they need instead of ending up in a jail cell or incarcerated.

In most police departments, Crisis Intervention training is limited to a theoretical approach. Police officers are taught how to act, and how to respond to specific situations. Where these training programs have been effective to some extent, they aren't the most efficient way to prepare police officers for complex crises. In real life, there are so many things that a police officer needs to keep in mind when responding to a crisis involving mental health patients. There are so many things that can go wrong, and there is no way that a simple theoretic approach to crisis intervention can prepare police officers to use all of their skills in the most efficient manner to prevent disaster.

Virtual Training Solutions

This is where training simulators can be very helpful. These days, police departments and first responders have started to use modern virtual training simulators as a cost-effective, and practical way to train their officers. These training simulators have loads of complex scenarios, with multiple branching decision trees, and they respond to the actions of the police officers.

These hyper-realistic simulations allow police officers to test their training in a safe and responsive environment and allow their superiors and mental health experts to analyze their performance to improve their overall crisis intervention skills. Simulations allow police officers to practically practice their non-verbal communication skills, to ensure that they are not agitating a person who is already mentally distressed and cognitively impaired.

So, such virtual training simulators are a perfect tool for improving crisis intervention procedures used by police officers, and they can help in keeping mentally challenged people safe so that they can be given the help and support they need and deserve.
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