virtual shooting range

Target Shooting Simulator

In a life-or-death situation, when you are attacked by an assailant, it is essential that you can shoot quickly and accurately.
You should be able to draw your weapon, shoot at the target, perform tactical reloads, and change positions while shooting, without any fumbles or hesitation. This helps you ensure that you can put up the best defense to protect yourself and your loved ones.
The best way to make sure that you are able to defend yourself when the time comes is to train your combat shooting skills regularly. Target practice can be an excellent way to become a better shooter, however, you don't have to pay for some expensive combat training classes, far away from your home, and spend loads of money on ammunition to train effectively. With the help of our shooting simulator, you can get into target shooting at home, and prepare for both self-defense and target shooting sports.

Our shooting simulator has a wide range of training simulations and offers several target shooting scenarios as well. These simulations can help you practice various combat shooting drills, and effectively track your performance to make improvements.

Our simulation software is very easy to use at home. It works on both macOS and Windows and can be used in multiple visual settings for compatibility with almost any shooting system. It can be used with any screen, however, for the best experience, you can build a multiple-screen panoramic setup in your basement. Our shooting simulator is compatible with up to 5 large screens and allows you to build a complete virtual shooting range at home.

Virtual Training Solutions

Our simulators also give you a wide range of analytic tools which can track your shooting accuracy and speed. It keeps records of the time taken to complete individual shooting drills and presents you with a detailed report, which allows you to completely analyze your shooting performance and practice to make improvements where needed. You can also play target shooting games with our simulation software, and compare with your shooting buddies for points at your virtual shooting range.

You can also train from competition shooting in target simulations. Our simulator has multiple sport shooting games that allow you to practice electronic target shooting as well. Moreover, with the help of our laser target shooting system, you can also incorporate multiple guns into your virtual target shooting training, and prepare for a wide range of target shooting competitions, from airgun shooting to 3-gun competitions.

So, in short, it is important to remember that the gun in your hand is not the real weapon. In fact, you are the weapon, and you can only be effective with any kind of firearm if you train and practice with it. Luckily, our shooting simulator makes that very easy for you. You don't need to dedicate time only on the weekends to visit your shooting range, and spend loads of money on ammunition. You can train your combat shooting skills every day, from the comfort of your home with our virtual shooting simulator. It can also be an excellent tool to help you learn how to shoot in a completely safe virtual environment.


We have developed a large number of software for shooting simulators. You can get acquainted with all products in the catalog.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire. For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA practical shooting.
Pre-installed shooting exercises and advanced 3D editor for dry fire using artificial Intelligence of characters (3D models of human avatars). For government, military, law enforcement, police, self defense, bodyguards, security services.
21 different pre-installed shooting exercises and historical campaigns from Second World War for children and adults.
12 different pre-installed shooting games and exercises for children and adults.
24 different pre-installed hunting shooting exercises with 8 species of animals.
  • Operating system
    Works on Windows and Mac OS (Windows emulator)
  • 24/7 full support
    Throughout the license period, you receive free support for any questions you may have.
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with any virtual shooting range from third party manufacturer. Such as: Laser ammo, Laser Shot, iMarksman, etc.

  • Regular free updates
    All our software is periodically updated via the Internet. All updates are FREE and you receive updates within the terms of your license. No additional fees or microtransactions. Also add new exercises from the developer's server directly from program interface.
  • Virtual and bullet
    shooting ranges
    Can be used for both laser virtual simulators and bullet interactive shooting ranges.
  • Professional shooters
    Our software is created with the active participation of specialists in military and law enforcements, bodyguards and security services, sports shooting, ISSF, IPSC / USPSA and IDPA shooting. The exercises created by shooters and trainers with years of practical experience.

  • Image quality
    Full HD / 4K and 5K
    resolution support.
  • Up to 4 shooters
    On one screen at the same time.
  • Detailed statistics and analytics
    All results calculates instantly. Detailed analytics of each result and shooter diagnosis.